6.2Dynamic Changes in Cytoskeleton

Most cellular cytoskeleton are frequently degraded and reconstructed in accordance with their cellular functions (e.g., intracellular transport, cell migration, cell division and cell adhesion). As an example, actin filament degradation and reconstruction, which occur in moving cells, are discussed here. Process formation is active at the anteror tip of moving cells, where the reconstruction of actin filaments actively occurs. On the other hand, the degradation of actin filaments is active at the posterior end of the cells. (Fig. 6-7)

Degradation and reconstruction model of actin filaments

Fig. 6-7 Degradation and reconstruction model of actin filaments

Degradation of actin filaments and endocytosis of the plasma membrane occur in the posterior part of a moving cell. Endocytosed membrane in the posterior part is transported to the anterior side of the cell by motor proteins, and used to supplement the plasma membrane.

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