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This page represents an online version of the life science textbook in English. The textbook was originally written in Japanese, as a printed version, for Japanese students of the University of Tokyo. This online textbook is for foreign students and for Japanese students who would like to study life science in English. This page includes many colorful illustrations and flash movies for further understanding.List of Authors


The 21st century has been called the century of life science. The DNA double-helix model published in 1953 by J. Watson and F. Crick greatly contributed to and influenced the advancement of life science by showing how genes produce proteins that constitute the bodies of organisms and how genes are copied. Additionally, decoding of the genomes (i.e., the full sets of genetic information) of various organisms, which has been ongoing since the late 20th century, has significantly influenced not only fields related to life science but also the nature of humans and other organisms, as well as the way we view ourselves and other life forms. …more